John Suler's Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche

forces that shape the psyche

A Photography Exhibition at the Rider University Art Gallery - Harry Naar, Director


Photographic Psychology is the study of how people create, share, and react to images that portray ideas about human psychology. In this exhibition held in 2012, I applied this research to one of our most fundamental and complex questions:

What forces, both inside and outside of you, shape your sense of identity and self?

The photographs in the exhibition portrayed a variety of these forces. Attenders were encouraged to think about how the forces illustrated by this images might apply to their own lives. I also used the show as an opportunity to conduct research on photographic psychology. Here in this section of my online book Photographic Psychology, I have attempted to recreate the experience and concepts of the exhibition.

bullet Photos of the exhibition
....(this link will take you to my set in Flickr of the exhibition photos. Click on each photo to read my description and comments from visitors).

bullet The forces that shape the psyche
....(the 60 images illustrating forces that determine who we are).

bullet The "untitled" image
....(the one photo that had no title... attenders were invited to create one).

bullet The research project
....(the research paper that describes the results of this exhibition project).


Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche