John Suler's Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche

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In my exhibition Photographic Psychology: Forces that Shape the Psyche at the Rider University Art Gallery, each photo represented a different force that influences our lives and sense of self. A title and caption accompanied each image.

Except for the image above. Hanging next to it, a cartoon sign encouraged attenders to create their own title. They jotted down their choice on a paper and tacked it up next to the photo.

If it's true the we tend to project our lives and identity into how we interpret images, could their titles say something about them? Below are the titles they suggested... What would be your title?

sheppard's view

a day just like any other day

techno blind

pastoral nostalgia

urban herders

warm perceptions

days go by

walk with me!

burned spy in blue

sit, ubu, sit

woman's best friend

the walk

infinity rogue dog walk

hustle and bustle

a well-trained composition

city living

the dog walker

leading the way

muddy city



my own way

dog daze


red light green light

city life

a day in the city



STOP infinity

be free

why did the dog cross the road?

Post - I am Legend


watch the car

Quade the watch dog

a pause in city action

don't watch out for cross roads

texting unaware lost

don't step on the crack

tackle winter

red lights

when time stops



dog day afternoon

city shepherd

shepard's crossing

a man's best friend

can you say New York? Or what?

just another walk in the park

strolling in the city

just an ordinary day

dance in the city

living just enough

same old city

sandy city

can you say?

small dog, big city

Selby Av

best friends


the ranson note


red light


attention to surroundings


the passage

city living

don't tell my secrets

down to town

dog's day

grainy day

city without consequence

stop light stop life

wandering Selby Ave.

a dog's life

create an image title
create an image title
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Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche