John Suler's Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche


Part 5: Portraying Human Psychology

photos of human psychology


A good photo is one that captures something human: what we think and feel; what we fear and wish; the ways in which we relate to each other, the world around us, and our spirituality. This is true even if there are no humans in the shot. It's true for almost any and maybe all images created by humans.

As a culmination to Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche, this section contains a collection of photographs that illustrate different aspects of the human experience. In the analysis of each image, I will draw on the principles discussed throughout this book to show how we might create and respond to photos that portray important concepts in psychology.

The Id
Inside the Psyche
Sturm und drang
Childhood trauma
Group Conflict
Reaction Formation
Self actualization
The unconscious
The house as self

Face recognition
Gay probabilities
Integrity versus despair
Perceived privacy
The collective unconscious
The mind as associations
A second life in virtual reality

Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche