John Suler's Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche

Part 4: Sharing Images, In-person and Online

sharing images


You’ve created that great image. Now what? This section discusses topics rarely mentioned in other books. How might you share your photography with other people? How might people react? How do you react to other photographers’ work? 

Because online photo-sharing sites have become so popular, I will describe what these communities are like and how people communicate in cyberspace with visual images. I'll suggest tips for making online photo-sharing a way to create fulfilling relationships with people while exploring the world of photography.

Commenting on Photos
Finding an online niche
Creating titles for images
Image sequence
Good and bad shots
Favorite photos
Visual riffs
Image therapeutics
Image descriptions
Johari's window
Avatars and icons
Conceptual photography
Interpreting people pics
Technical and artistic photographers
The talent/popularity square dance
Online photo-sharing communities
Reactions to photos: The essential questions

Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche