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A list of links to all the pages in this site about Teaching Clinical Psychology

a place for behaviorism (essay)
abnormal psychology syllabus

body language (exercise)
books and manuals (table of contents)
brainstorming (exercise)

childhood memories (exercise)
circulating papers technique
computerized psychotherapy (project)
Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Eastern Thought (book synopsis)
costumes (exercise)
course syllabi (table of contents)
creative project (2 handouts)
creative project (download pdf file "presenting the creative project")

defense mechanisms (handout and exercise)
diagnosing Mr. Smith (exercise)
dream's worth (essay)
dyad introductions (exercise)
dynamics of sitting (exercise)

empty your pockets (exercise)
essays on teaching (table of contents)

fact and fiction in the movie "Altered States"
family sociogram (exercise)
freeze (exercise)
Freud: The master or a has-been? (essay)

Graduate School and Careers in Psychology (manual)
group checkers (exercise)
group drawings (exercise)
group dynamics manual
group tell-a-story (exercise)

hammer or nail (exercise)
homosexuality (normal or abnormal?) exercise

I Ching exercise
I wish you health and happiness
imagined house (exercise)
implosive therapy (exercise)
in class exercises (table of contents)
intake interview (exercise)
intake interview exercise (download pdf file of this handout)
is life important to you? (vision quest)

journals (on Longer Projects Page)

kidnapping, strikes, and group dynamics (essay)

life facts (exercise)
life history interview (handout)
listening for feelings (exercise)
longer projects (table of contents)

Madman (book synopsis)
mental health treatments (exercise)
mindful walk (exercise)
mood role plays (moods in group dynamics)

personal timeline (exercise)
personality disorders (exercise)
personality disorder exercise (download pdf file of handout #1)
psychology of improvisation syllabus
psychology of religion syllabus
psychological test battery project
psychological tests syllabus
psychology of cyberspace (an ongoing research project)
psychotherapy case study (paper assignment)

reflection (exercise)
religious experience: east, west, everywhere (handout)
resistance and secrets in psychotherapy (exercise)
Rogers: Where no psychologist went before (essay)

shades of abnormality (exercise)
shades of abnormality exercise (download pdf file of this handout)
shadow (exercise)
show and tell (exercise)
sociograms (download pdf file of handout for Family Sociogram exercise)
somatotypes (handout and exercise)
special place (exercise)
states of consciousness syllabus

taking the class's pulse
tape recorded feedback
test battery report (handout for psychological test battery project)
test battery role play (handout for the test battery project)
theories of psychotherapy syllabus
transference (exercise)

using photos to illustrate psychological concepts
using the interview in research (handout for students)

vita of John Suler
vision quest project
vision quest questionnaire (exercise)

the way I think (cognitive therapy exercise)
What about Jung?(essay)
what's in a name (exercise)
Working and Playing with Dreams (manual)
Working and Playing with Dreams (download pdf file of manual)
writing a research paper (handout)

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