John Suler's Teaching Clinical Psychology

Psychological Tests:
Course Outline

(PSY 305)
Dr. John Suler
Science and Technology Center
Rider University


This course explores the theory and technique of administering, scoring, and interpreting psychological tests. The course is divided into three sections. The first section involves a review of the basic psychometric principles that apply to all types of psychological tests. The second section focuses on issues related to administering, scoring, and interpreting the tests that typically are used in a standard assessment battery.

In the last segment of the course, students gain hands-on experience in working with a standard test battery. In a rudimentary simulation of a testing situation, students will score and interpret tests that they administer to a partner from the class who will be role playing a prepared character. Each student writes a paper that describes the character he/she intends to role play, as well as a final test report that describes the results of the test battery that he/she administered to the partner. The purpose of this test battery project is help students gain a first-hand knowledge of the many issues involved in psychological testing. It does not in any way qualify students to be testers.


Psychological Testing: Principles, Applications, and Issues, by Kaplan and Saccuzzo

Manual for the Psychological Test Battery,
by John Suler

I. Basic Psychometric Concepts

* Exam on Section I - Class lectures and book chapters

II. Tests of a Standard Battery

* Quizzes on each psychological test

* Hand in description of your character's test responses

III. In class project on test battery administration, scoring, and interpretation

** Hand in Test Battery Report

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