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An Important Note to Visitors!

I feel a bit like the farmer in the story "Maybe." Recently, the number of visitors to this site has increased tremendously. A good thing?... Maybe. On the one hand, I am delighted that people like the site and I welcome your e-mail in which you describe your reactions to the stories. On the other hand, I am sometimes overwhelmed by how much mail I am getting.

It's the old Yin and Yang of it all.

To help me, please indicate the name of the story in the title of your email in which you offer your ideas about a story.

Some people report that they don't like seeing other people's responses to the stories. I understand that they prefer to form their own impressions without being spoiled by what others think. Nevertheless, I've decided to include those responses.... I like them, and that's one feature of this site that makes it unique.

- John Suler

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